Add 5 Space Saving Laundry Room Hacks That Will Bring Your Small Space To Life

February 21, 2021

Whether you find laundry a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of the days to day or you’d rather walk through a hallway carpeted with Legos and wet spots than match up socks, we’ve all got to do it. These practical storage solutions and space saving hacks will make your laundry room the most serene and organized space in your home, even if you’re working with a small space.  

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Incorporating with the mudroom is one of the most popular small laundry room ideas and designs. It’s sensible and traffic smart especially if you need extra space to hang and dry clothes. Especially in wet climates or areas with what we know as Georgia Red Clay locally, having an area to strip off wet or muddy cloths and have them go right in the wash can be ideal and save so much cleanup! 

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Clutter makes any room messy, disorganized, and cramped. Adding a vertical sliding organizer is a simple space efficient way to hide all of your laundry cleaning supplies and odds and ends. One on rollers in between your washer and dryer keeps everything within easy reach. 

Add in a fold away drying rack. While there are a number of drying racks to choose from, including some that hang from the ceiling, I love the ease of one that pulls down. If you hand wash a lot of your clothes or have delicate items that you don’t put in the dryer, a rack like this is definitely a smart investment. 

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Consider investing in or building custom cabinets to hide your washing machine and dryer if your laundry room is in a corner of your bathroom or kitchen. Not only will this create a streamlined look in the space by cutting out the clutter, but the cabinets will also serve as sound barriers against the noisy machines throughout the day. 

Don’t let the empty space beneath your shelves or cabinets be wasted. Make the most of the vacant spot by adding a strip of wooden pegs to keep clothing hangers, miniature brooms and lint rollers within reach or add in a hang bar to store hangers for later use. 

I hope these simple laundry room hacks help motivate you to get organized and spruce up your favorite (or least favorite?) room in your home.  

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