Appointment Info

There are a few things that we need to communicate to help this job go smooth. 

1.    NO NEED TO WAIT AROUND DURING YOUR WINDOW. We will give you at least a 30 minute heads up via telephone, text and email of when your tech is headed your way. 

2.    You will receive an appointment notification the day before. Please be sure to reply to confirm otherwise we may not send our team. You can also email us your confirmation or any requested scheduling changes. 

3.    Cancellations are accepted at no charge up to 1 full day before your scheduled job. Same day cancellations will incur a charge of $100. 

4.    For Air Duct Cleaning, Our team must have unobstructed access to all registers/ducts. We will move light items as long as they are not fragile or highly valuable items. If they are any of the above you will need to have them moved prior to our arrival. Our team will not be able to work while other contractors are scheduled. Appointments where other contractors are engaged at the time of our arrival will be rescheduled and an additional charge will be applied to the account. NOTE: ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY FOR EXTENSIVE MOVING.

5. If you have PETS please make sure they are able to be secured during the cleaning process. Although, we’re sure your pets are very loving, they are not always that way with strangers and our team’s safety is paramount. We reserve the right to reschedule where we deem an unsafe environment for our tech. 

6. During the duct cleaning process, Our technicians will not disassemble or removing any electrical or mechanical components of your HVAC system. This is purely a cleaning service. 

a. WARRANTY: You should check your HVAC and/or Dryer Duct air flow, heat and ac performance before and after the job to ensure everything is working properly. 

b.  In the event something does go wrong and it is deemed to be the result of our cleaning, Daffy Ducts stands behind our service 100% and will work promptly to resolve issues that arise. 

c.  We do however need to be given the opportunity to fix the issue prior to any other vendors being called out and paid. If we cannot fix the issue we will call a vendor or agree to the vendor of your choice at our discretion. Failure to allow Daffy Ducts the opportunity to fix an issue will result in the voiding of our guarantee.