Choose a Dryer Vent That Will Be Safe and Efficient

December 8, 2014

A lot of people don’t put too much thought into their dryer, which means that they don’t really care about the dryer vent that they choose. However, choosing a high-quality dryer vent is incredibly important, not just in ensuring that the dryer works efficiently but that it works safely as well. One of the best dryer vent safety tips to follow is to choose a high-quality dryer vent.

Choose the Best Dryer Vent:
Dryer Vent That Will Be Safe and Efficient
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When it comes to choosing a best dryer vent, you’ll want to choose one that has as little backpressure as possible. Too much back pressure will prevent moist air from flowing out of the dryer. It will also lead to more lint collecting within your dryer and vent system, which in turn causes a fire hazard. A poor-quality dryer vent can be dangerous as well since poor venting means that your dryer is way more at risk of overheating.

An overheating dryer can lead to a fire. Another thing to be wary of is the length of your dryer vent. Speak to a professional about how long your dryer vent should be – if it’s too long, it can lead to fires as well.

Another thing to consider is the vent hoses. Avoid using white vinyl vent hoses, as these are not UL-Approved. While you shouldn’t use these types of vent hoses for any dryer, they are especially dangerous in gas dryers. Instead, AHAM (the American Household Appliance Manufacturers Association) suggests that you use a spiral wound aluminum flex hose, a steel duct hose, or a rigid aluminum hose instead.

One of the reasons that you’ll want to avoid using white vinyl vent hoses is that they are much more difficult to clean out and collect lint much more easily. A build-up of lint in your vent hose is dangerous as it presents a fire hazard. It’s the reason why you should always clean the lint from your dryer after use.

Keep these dryer safety tips in mind and be sure to use a high-quality best dryer vent in order to ensure both dryer safety and efficiency.

Dryer Vent That Will Be Safe and Efficient, best dryer vent

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