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Take all the guesswork out of whether you need duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning or attic insulation. 

You may have other underlying issues that are causing an unsafe, uncomfortable and unhealthy environment in your home. Let our professional inspectors come and assess and let you know that your home is in good standing, or tell you exactly what you need.

What's Included in Your Annual Inspection?

HVAC Sytem Cleanliness Check

We will inspect the plenums of each system through an access opening. During this visual inspection we will look for microbial growth and heavy contamination as defined by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association ACR Standard.

Dryer Vent Air Flow Check Anemometer*

We will check the air flow measurement at your dryer vent exhaust to ensure proper operation. We will also visually inspect the connection from your dryer to your wall and do a full inspection of the dryer duct run to ensure it is safe and compliant with most recent building codes. We may not be able to reach all roof exhausts and reserve the right to maintain a high level of safety.

*potential annual service

HVAC Blower or Coil Static Pressure Check*

We will visually inspect the blower, evaporator and condensor coils and do static pressure test of that area of your system to ensure proper airflow.

*potential annual cleaning

Filter Check

We will check the cleanliness of your filter and the current state of your filter compartment. It’s important that this area is properly sealed and the right size filters are being used to protect from debris being introduced into the blower and coils.

Duct Connection and Leak Detection

We will review your duct runs where accessible and check all connections at the unit plenums and the boots in the crawl space or attic. Often times, there are leaks from gaps in sheetrock when the duct boots are not properly sized and installed. We have solutions to seal these and prevent air leakage, condensation and microbial growth issues.

Insulation Efficiency and Health Check

Check R-Value, signs of microbial growth and/or rodent infestation*

Attic insulation is an important component of our homes comfort and air quality. Our team will check the levels of insulation to ensure that it is compliant with the US Department of Energy recommendations for our climate zone. We will further inspect for signs of air quality issues caused by contaminants such as rodents and rodent feces, infestation, old and worn insulation potentially containing formaldehyde and/or microbial growth from unresolved moisture issues. We will check for proper compliance with IC Rated can lights to help improve safety. Lastly we will inspect for any areas where air sealing may help improve the homes efficiency and comfort.

*one time removal, seal, fog, replace

Air Quality Testing and Report 2 Rooms*

We will do a full air quality test on the home’s common area, or room of the homeowner’s choice. Additional rooms will be an extra charge. We will provide a full report to the customer showing the levels of Particulate Matter 2.5 and 10, CO2 Levels and VOC’s that are usually created from cleaning supplies and off gassing.

*one time and annual bulb replacement

Thermal Imaging Test and Report*

We will do a thermal imaging test to inspect areas where we can see with our equipment where there is excess heat or cold areas to properly diagnose and provide solutions for improved efficiency and comfort.

*one time

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