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AC Installation Rogers

AC Installation Rogers

There is nothing quite like knowing that your home will always be a comfortable oasis to enjoy, regardless of the temperatures outside. When you are looking to put in a new air conditioning system, Precise Heating and Air is available for AC installation in Rogers! We feature state-of-the-art equipment and bring years of industry-leading experience to each project that we take on. 

Q: What is the warranty for these AC installation services?

A: It is best to know just how long your warranty will be on your new Rogers AC installation and all of the fine print. Some warranties require service and maintenance for your system for it to remain valid. 

Q: What kind of air conditioning system is recommended and why?

A: When looking at AC installation in Rogers, you need to determine which system is best suited for the size of your home. Single unit air conditioners might be enough for a small home. Still, a larger dwelling will need a central unit system to be cost-effective and efficient, even though this may cost more initially. The operating costs will be lower over time. 

Q: Is it possible to cut back on utility bills with a new AC system?

A: When talking with an AC installation company in Rogers, you will want to know all of the costs involved – this should include an estimate on operation and maintenance. The technician can talk with you about the best ways to increase overall efficiency so that you can enjoy much lower utility bills. Modern heating and air conditioning in Rogers will allow you to improve efficiency and have peace of mind knowing your interior will be the right temperature all year long.

Q: What is the best brand to choose for AC installation in Rogers?

A: Here at Precise Heating and Air, we offer the top brands in the industry today. Our team will listen to your needs and cooling goals, then provide you with an estimate for some of the best brands within that bracket. Our job is to know all of the pros and cons for every brand that we sell, and we are well-versed in each option. This will give you all the information you require to decide. 

Q: Are you fully licensed to install a new system and provide air conditioning services?

A: All of our technicians are trained and experienced with AC installations, repair, and maintenance services. We have certified technicians ready to get to work when you need us, including 24/7 emergency service should your system act up after hours. 

When you require air conditioning services, you need to feel confident that you will get nothing but the best. We are available when you need AC installation in Rogers and all related air conditioning services. Learn more about our financing options by clicking here. Call us at (479) 412-COOL to set up a time for an installation consultation or contact us online to address any questions that you may have.

AC Installation Rogers
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AC Installation Rogers
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