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Outdoor Water Mister

Relaxing or having a barbecue during summer sounds delightful. However, you may find yourself sweating and having to run indoors now and then to cool down. A good water mister will keep you cool and allow you to enjoy your summer outdoors. Here are some of the best pressure misting systems on the market.

The Oasis Portable Mister

This brand functions as a high and low-pressure misting system. It has a standard hose attachment and a special foot for pulling water from a huge bucket. You can use it without hooking up to a water source, making it ideal for camping, poolside parties, or a day out on the beach. This mister features a switch for misting and fan control, giving you about two hours on Hi and 7 hours operating time on Lo.

The Oasis is small and lightweight, which means you can take it anywhere you want. Its lightweight does not compromise performance. In addition, you can switch its batteries with other models of the same brand.

Cool-Off Oscillating Mister

If you have an outdoor cooking area and a patio that you want to cool down without stacking a 5-gallon bucket in the corner, then this high-pressure misting systems is exactly what you need. The 3-speed fan has a wall mounting bracket and can be connected to your water supply through a 3/8 inch high-pressure hose.

Although the fan can be connected to a bucket or a water tank, you will need a 1000-psi pump to work with this mister. It does not have an internal pump, and its huge size makes it difficult to carry around. The main advantage of this product is its speed settings allow you to cool a large area.

Cool-Off Wall Mount Mister

This is an excellent and low maintenance outdoor mister. Most misting fans use spray nozzles to spray a high-pressure mist. However, the nozzles often become clogged, especially if you use hard water. Cleaning and unclogging the pressure mister can be extremely difficult. Cool-Off features a spinning disk that prevents nozzle clogging. It produces an ultrafine mist that cools the air by at least 20 degrees and covers up to 1500 square feet.

This product is powered by a 110-volt motor plugged into a standard outlet. As powerful as the fan is, it has an extremely quiet operation. Water is supplied through a ¾ water hose bought separately and connected to an outdoor faucet. However, you may have to find a suitable place to mount it because the mister does not oscillate.

Cool-Off Indoor and Outdoor Water Mister

This product can work either as an indoor or outdoor fan. The misting nozzles are fed through a regular garden hose combined with a four-blade oscillating fan. It is UV and rust-resistant, making it perfect for the outdoors. The motor is showerproof, so the mist blowing back over it will not damage it. However, consider keeping it away from the rain.

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Outdoor Water Mister

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