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Austin misting systems

You don’t have to shop around to find a great deal on a mister to keep your family and guests cool throughout the summer; Cool-Off is your one-stop shopping place online for Austin misting systems for every outdoor space. Keep cool and refreshed while enjoying your patio, beat the heat while grilling out-of-doors, or provide a respite from scorching summer temperatures when getting in and out of your swimming pool. Our misting systems for sale online are affordable, easy to install, and highly efficient.

3 Reasons To Invest In One Of Our Austin Misting Systems

1. You can turn a hot day in Austin into a spring-like day by lowering the air temperature in any outdoor space by up to 20 degrees just by turning on one of Cool-Off’s best water cooling systems. In seconds, the space around you will go from uncomfortable and sticky to cool and enjoyable, so much so that you’ll be likely to spend a lot more of your time outdoors instead of stuck in the house during the day.

The number one reason why Texas residents invest in outdoor water misting equipment is its ability to efficiently and effectively provide respite from excessive heat. Feel free to take a closer look at all of our home set-ups when you visit Cool-Off online.

2. If you’re a do-it-yourself type of person, you’ll find it very affordable to put together your own misting system using water misting accessories and parts found in our inventory. Whether you’re looking for a summertime family project or are more interested in a complete kit, we have both options available when you shop on our site.

One of the greatest advantages of shopping with us is having access to quality systems that are easy to install without the need to hire a handyman. Instructions for installing all of our products are available online at Cool-Off; telephone support is available, as well, any time you call us at 800-504-6478.

3. At Cool-Off, we believe the best misting systems are designed to provide effective and efficient performance, saving home and business owners money. Our Austin misting systems can help you lower your summer energy costs by creating a cool space out-of-doors for everyone to gather and spend time together. Our misters don’t use a lot of water, when installed according to the instructions provided.

If you’re concerned about the costs of energy on-the-rise and are looking for a way to beat the heat without turning down the thermostat, consider one of our mid-pressure or high-pressure misters for home or commercial application. You’ll even find affordable portable misters in our Web store, so you can take your summer oasis with you wherever you go.

Browse our entire misting system selection online to see what we have available for your patio, garden, he-shed, or cafe. Our experts are avaiable to offer assistance with product selection when you reach us by phone at 800-504-6478. You won’t find better prices or quality from any other Austin misting systems supplier.


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