Don’t Ignore a Burning Smell in Your Dryer

November 13, 2014

Have you ever used your dryer and noticed a slight burning smell? If so, this shouldn’t be ignored! A burning smell from your dryer is not normal, even if it goes away after a few minutes. In fact, you should stop using it altogether – the burning smell means that it is a fire hazard to use.

Burning Smell in Your Dryer
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There’s a good chance that the burning smell is being caused by an issue with lint build up. What’s most likely happening is that the lint coming off your clothing as they are being dried is becoming trapped in your dryer as well as in the venting duct that connects the dryer to your wall. One of the ways that you can prevent this is by obtaining professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta.

The first thing you’re going to want to do if you do smell that burning smell is to unplug your dryer. If you are able to, slide the dryer away from the wall. Get help if you need it – you don’t want to hurt yourself if it’s too heavy. Now, remove the hose duct that’s attached to the back of your dryer. Check the hose duct for lint build up. Use your vacuum’s wand attachment to suck the lint out. The best way to clean the vent duct is to remove it completely from both the dryer and the wall. This will allow you to more easily remove all the lint. Be sure to vacuum inside of the wall’s vent hole as well to make sure that there’s no lint blocking the airflow. Once you’ve finished, put everything back together and turn your dryer on to see if the burning smell is gone.

If the smell is still there, it could be because there is lint built up deep inside the wall. You’ll want to obtain professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta in this case.

Use these tips if you notice a burning smell when using your dryer. To ensure that there is no lint built up in your dryer, you should obtain professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta.

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