Frequently Asked Questions about Duct Cleaning

We’ve been cleaning air ducts in Atlanta for a long time, along the way we’ve heard some common questions that we’ve answered to clear up the air around what we do and the affects of our services.

In most cases HVAC air duct cleaning takes a minimum of 3 hours. In other words, it is about 1 hour for every 1000 square feet. Painted-on registers and complex setups with oddly placed registers can add to job length. Schedule Now

Dryer Vent cleaning typically takes 30-60 minutes to complete depending on the level of difficulty and location of the exhaust. Schedule Now

We use a combination of rotating brushes and negative pressurized HVAC HEPA vacuum collection systems. If you are interested in one of our services one of our techs will be more than happy to come out and see what’s going on with your system and what actions we recommend you take.  Schedule Now

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For mild growth and odors we use an environmentally friendly solution called Envirocon.  In addition, for more serious growth or odors we use BBJ Mold Control inside the HVAC Ducts. Above all, if you are concerned about mold in your home or begin to smell a bad odor contact Daffy Ducts today!  Schedule Now


How often should HVAC air duct cleaning be done?- HVAC Ducts should be inspected every two years and the air handler annually. Cleaning frequencies vary greatly due to many factors. When was the last time you had your system serviced? Whether you just purchased a new home or if you can’t remember the last time you had someone take a look at your system call Daffy Ducts today. “We’re Crazy About Quality” Schedule Now

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning | Daffy Ducts

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends annual cleaning for dryer vent and ducts. In addition, it is recommended that dryer vents with a vertical design be cleaned twice per year. has it been a while since you had your vents cleaned? Contact Daffy Ducts today and we will be glad to come out and take a look. Schedule Now

Check Your Air Ducts
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There are several benefits to getting your air ducts cleaned, the most common are listed here:

  • Air Duct Cleaning Eliminates contamination of the HVAC Ducts and system.
  • Duct cleaning reduces sources of allergies like pet hair and pollen.
  • Dust collection throughout the home is greatly reduced leading to a healthier living space.
  • All duct cleaning removes all particles that absorb odor resulting in a fresher-smelling home.
  • HVAC System efficiency and performance improvements as a result of air duct cleaning
    Suffering From Home Allergens
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    Millions of particles of pollen just like these can be trapped in your vents and can be harmful to both adults and children whether you have allergies or not. If you are concerned about what’s in your vents schedule an appointment with Daffy Ducts today! Schedule Now

There are several benefits to getting your dryer vents professionally cleaned, the most important are listed below.

  • When flammable lint is removed from the vents you have a reduced risk of a house fire
  • Dryer Vent cleaning improves the performance, efficiency, and life of the clothes dryer.
  • You save time after having the dryer vent cleaned by reducing dry times and the number of cycles spent on clothes. Meaning you have more time to do things you like and less time doing laundry.
  • Your clothes will last longer. In other words, no more burnt clothes, a blocked dryer vent can cause your dryer to overheat ruining the threads in your precious clothes

Getting your dryer vents cleaned will not only protect your home but ensure your family is safe as well. Make the right decision and schedule an appointment with Daffy Ducts. “We’re Crazy About Quality” Schedule Now

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Daffy Ducts maintains both General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance at all times.  Schedule Now

Daffy Ducts was established in 2007.



Daffy Ducts has locations in Atlanta and in Snellville, GA.  Schedule Now

Our technicians will always be identifiable. They will be in Daffy Ducts uniforms and will always be driving a Company vehicle. Schedule Now

Daffy Ducts technicians will provide before and after photos on multiple ducts as well as the plenum box connected to your HVAC furnace or air handler.dreamstimesmall 14203321

Get your air ducts cleaned by someone you can trust. Schedule your appointment today with Daffy Ducts. “We’re Crazy About Quality” Schedule Now


All technicians receive and must pass a criminal background check before becoming a member of our team. Schedule Now

Tech Team

Every member of the Daffy Ducts team has been drug tested. In addition, we have a very stringent policy to promote a drug-free workplace. Schedule Now

While there is no way for our team to definitively determine if you have mold without testing we can take preventative measures and apply BBJ mold control after cleaning the Ducts and HVAC system. Schedule Now

What should i do if i have a mold?
Black mold in the corner of the room wall. Preparation for mold removal.

Daffy Ducts Air Duct cleaning packages are all-inclusive. There is no bait and switch and we clean an unlimited amount of Ducts per thermostat. As a result, you receive the best value. Schedule Now

Here at Daffy Ducts our Air Duct Cleaning Process consist of:

  • We send a NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) Certified
    Technician to every job
  • We will inspect your system to determine best cleaning process
  • We will then connect a negative air vacuum to the system to pull all debris
    away from your living space
  • While the vacuum runs they will agitate any debris inside the ducts using
    compressed air and/or brushes
  • We will topically clean the blower motor, fan and plenum box
  • We will deodorize the system with a fogging solution to eliminate any odor
    causing microbial contaminates (things you can’t see).
  • The tech will take a couple of before and after photos to show you results of
    the cleaning
  • We will clean all work areas

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Are there any Health Benefits from HVAC Air Duct Cleaning?-Studies show that periodic air duct cleaning leads to healthier, breathable air. Incidentally, customers have told us that they felt improved breathing and reduced reactions to allergies and sinus issues after HVAC air duct cleaning. Your heating and cooling system are the lungs for your home. Dust and air contaminants as well as rodent waste and mold are often found in ventilation systems. People who suffer from respiratory issues like asthma or allergies are sensitive to air-born particles hiding in their vents. As a result, they will benefit the most from an all-inclusive vent cleaning.  Above all, if your vents are not cleaned out regularly these contaminants can spread through your home and cause illness to you and your family. Contact Daffy Ducts today to ensure the air in your home isn’t contaminated. Schedule Now

HVAC air duct cleaning
It’s important to keep your HVAC ducts clean to ensure the high indoor air quality in your home. ©

Can you get birds nests out of air ducts?-We can remove bird nests during the dryer Vent cleaning process. There may be additional charges for this service. Think there is a nest in your home? Make an appointment with us today and we will gladly check it out. Schedule Now

bird nest in dryer vent
This is an actual image that one of our technicians took out on the field.


What kind of payments do you accept?

Here at Daffy Ducts, we offer several payment options for our services. We accept cash, checks, VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

We also offer our line of credit with 18 months same as cash payments. Subject to credit approval. For more information about financing options please call us or submit our online financing application here.

Generally, if there is an issue with our workmanship we will return up to 30 Days from the date of service at no charge. Our claim policy must be followed to avoid additional charges. Schedule your Duct Cleaning appointment today with Daffy Ducts Schedule Now

Our equipment is moderately loud. It can be heard slightly from room to room but would drown out a phone conversation in the same room or area.

We have equipment capable of cleaning condo and high rise apartment air ducts. Live in a condo or high rise apartment? Daffy Ducts has all the equipment necessary to get your air system looking good as new. Schedule Now

We do offer multi-unit rates for condo buildings and other associations. Call for details. Schedule Now

Our cleaning method pulls all dust from your air ducts away from the living areas of your home. In addition, we do not claim to remove existing dust from your home.

Our team takes special care to protect floors when transporting any equipment in the home during the HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Process. Each technician will also always wear protective shoe covers when in your home. Schedule Now

Our team takes special care to protect your carpet when transporting any equipment in the home during the HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Process. Each technician will also always wear protective shoe covers when in your home. Schedule Now

Is HVAC air duct cleaning safe? Daffy Ducts HVAC air duct cleaning method is safe and non-intrusive. Schedule Now


Clean Air Ducts = Clean Air for Your Family.

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