What is your process?

Here at Daffy Ducts our Air Duct Cleaning Process consist of :

• We send a NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) Certified
Technician to every job https://nadca.com/homeowners/why-hire-a-nadca-member

• We will inspect your system to determine best cleaning process

• We will then connect a negative air vacuum to the system to pull all debris
away from your living space

• While the vacuum runs they will agitate any debris inside the ducts using
compressed air and/or brushes

• We will topically clean the blower motor, fan and plenum box

• We will deodorize the system with a fogging solution to eliminate any odor
causing microbial contaminates (things you can’t see).

• The tech will take a couple of before and after photos to show you results of
the cleaning

• We will clean all work areas

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