Give Your Lint Trap a Thorough Cleaning

February 9, 2015

The dryer may seem like an appliance that doesn’t need much explaining. It’s an easy appliance to use and an easy one to take care of since it requires practically no maintenance. However, it’s important to realize that cleaning your dryer is very important. Not doing so could be a safety hazard. This is because the lint that is collected during a drying cycle is highly flammable and can be dangerous, especially considering the amount of heat a dryer produces. This is why dryer safety tips always recommend a thorough cleaning of the lint trap.

The following are a few dryer safety tips on cleaning your lint trap:

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    Remove the lint screen – The first thing you’ll want to do is to take out the lint screen. It should lift easily out of the lint trap. Most lint traps are located either on top of the dryer or inside of the door.

  • Remove the lint from the screen – This should be relatively easy. Once you scrape some of the lint off, the rest of the lint should stick to it, allowing you to peel it off in one layer. Simply toss the lint into the trash once you’ve removed it all.
  • Use a soft brush attachment – Grab your vacuum cleaner and attach the soft brush attachment. Run it over the screen to remove any lint that remains stuck to the screen.
  • Vacuum the lint trap – Use a longer neck attachment and stick it down the lint trap. Vacuum up as much residual lint as you can. Make sure the vacuum attachment doesn’t get clogged – lint is known for being able to clog together. It’s not difficult to unclog, simply pull it out and resume vacuuming.
  • Put the lint screen back in place – Once you’ve managed to vacuum the lint trap to the best of your ability, you’ll want to put the lint screen back into place.

These are a few tips on how to thoroughly clean the lint from your dryer. Doing so is important since lint is highly flammable and can be a safety hazard.   Contact us for help with a dryer vent deep cleaning.

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