Take a Load Off Your Dryer in Pretty Summer Weather

June 12, 2015

The dryer is an appliance that takes a lot more wear and tear than you might think. Odds are you use it on a pretty regular basis, which means that you should make sure that you hire a service that provides professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta in order to ensure that your dryer is working efficiently.

A dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta will help reduce the chances of a fire occurring due to the buildup of lint while also keeping energy usage down as much as possible. However, now that it is summer, you should also consider giving your dryer a breather by line drying your clothes outside. The following are a few reasons to dry your clothes out in the summer sun instead of using your dryer:

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  • Save money – By drying your clothes out in the sun, you’ll avoid having to use up energy running your dryer. The average household spends roughly $72 a year on energy just to run the dryer. A couple months of drying your clothes outside can help save you a little bit of money.
  • Save your clothes – Every time you put your clothes through the dryer, the fibers of your fabric weaken just a little bit. The lint that collects in your dryer is worn off of your clothing, after all. So by drying them outside, you’re extending their life by a few months every year.
  • Do less laundry – The washing machine and dryer are so convenient that we often through in clothes that have been worn but that aren’t dirty. By line drying your laundry, you’ll become more aware of whether something actually needs to be washed or not before tossing it into the washing machine.
  • Use less chemicals – You won’t need to use bleach since the sunlight is a natural whitener. This means that when you hang your clothes up to dry, the sun will fade out stains naturally.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider drying your clothes outside this summer. Don’t forget to hire a service that provides dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta.

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