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8 Things To Look For in Your Next Duct Cleaning Service

April 12, 2021

Hiring a professional duct cleaning service can seem like a mountain to climb. Who’s the best? Is that a good price? What will they do when they get here? How should I prepare my home? Any reputable duct cleaning company will answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.
Your ducts can get very dusty and dirty over time, which can result in the air quality of your home diminishing. When a build-up of dust and dirt gets into your air, it can also result in issues for anyone that suffers from asthma, respiratory illness, or even simple allergies.

The following are some of the tasks that a professional duct cleaning service will perform:

  • They will open all of your access ports or doors in order to inspect and clean your entire duct system.
  • Before they begin cleaning your duct system, they will do a thorough inspection to make sure that there are no materials that contain asbestos presents, such as register boots or insulation. If they find any materials that contain asbestos, a specially trained and equipped contractor will need to be hired in order to remove them.
  • Once the inspection is completed, they will use vacuum equipment in order to exhaust dust and debris particles out of the home. If the vacuum exhausts are within the house, then they will use HEPA (high-efficiency particle air) vacuuming equipment.
  • They will make sure that your carpeting and furnishings are protected as they clean.
  • They will dislodge dust and other particles by performing well-controlled brushing and contact vacuum cleaning on the duct surfaces.
  • Any fiberglass duct boards and sheet metal ducts that are lined with fiberglass will be cleaned using soft-bristled brushes. They will most likely replace accessible flex ducts since this is more economical than cleaning them – although they can be cleaned with the use of soft-bristled brushes.
  • They will seal and re-insulate any holes that may have been made – on purpose or on accident – during the cleaning process in order to protect the ductwork and make sure that it is airtight.
  • They will follow the NADCA’s standards for air duct cleaning as well as the NAIMA’s suggested practice for cleaning ducts with fiberglass lining.

When the technicians are performing the duct cleaning service, it’s easy to want to be around them. While this is the case, it is best to leave the technicians alone and to give them plenty of room. Many homeowners will choose to leave their homes until their ducts are cleaned. Some will move around the premises while the work is being done.

You will need to know where the technicians are going to work in order to leave them alone. Measure out the amount of space they require. Let everyone in the household know when the technicians will arrive for duct cleaning in Frisco, TX, and for how long they will remain. You should ask your family members to stay away from that area as much as possible until the job is completed.

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