Dust More Effectively for a Healthier Home

July 20, 2015

Use these tips for better dusting in your home. ©iStockphoto.com/ryznart

Use these tips for better dusting in your home. ©iStockphoto.com/ryznart

The last thing anybody wants is a dusty house. The dustier your house is, the dirtier it will both feel and look. Not to mention that dust can cause serious problems for individuals living in your home that are affected by asthma, respiratory illnesses or allergies. Unfortunately, although most people do dust their homes in order to keep it clean, many people are doing it wrong. The following are a few mistakes you may be making that are resulting in a more dusty home, not a less dusty one.

  • You’re using a feather duster – The feather duster is one of the worst tools you can use to dust your home. All you’ll be doing is moving dust from one place to another if you use a feather duster. Instead, use electrostatic dusters or microfiber dusters. These dusters will actually grab and hold onto the dust instead of spreading it everywhere.
  • Forgetting about your vents – The vents on your walls and ceilings need to be dusted regularly using your vacuum’s soft brush attachment. If you neglect to dust your vents, then the dust that collects in there will end up blowing out throughout your home by your HVAC system.
  • You’re dry dusting – When dust is dry it will be easier to become airborne. Use spritz microfibers dusters or cloths along with a polish or dusting spray to make it easier to gather up dust.
  • Using polish on your furniture – If you’re going to use polish in order to make it easier to pick up dust, then make sure that you are not applying it directly to your furniture. If you do, the polish can end up leaving a residue build-up on your furniture’s wood that will be difficult to remove (and will attract more dust!). If you are going to use polish, apply it to a cloth and then wipe the furniture down.
  • Not changing your vacuum filters – If your filters are clogged because you didn’t change them, your vacuum will shoot out dust instead of sucking dust in.

Avoid making these dusting mistakes in order to prevent a dusty house.