Keep Your Air Healthy This Holiday Season

December 1, 2014

Most people will keep their windows and doors shut in the winter months, which often makes it more difficult to keep your indoor air clean. Poor air quality often results in discomfort for individuals that suffer from respiratory problems or allergies, which is no fun – especially during the holidays. The following are a few tips for reducing allergens in your home during the upcoming holiday season.

  • Keep Your Air Healthy
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    Open the windows once in a while – When it’s not snowing or below freezing, open your windows a crack just for a little bit. This will allow the stale air within your home to escape as well as help get the air circulating. Sure it might invite the cold in for a few minutes, but simply wear a sweater!

  • Use natural cleaners – Instead of using store bought cleaning products that often release potentially harmful chemicals into the air (and causing chemical-like scents to drift throughout your home) use natural products such as white vinegar, club soda, salt and hydrogen peroxide to do your cleaning in a more environmentally friendly fashion.
  • Use a door mat – By placing a door mat at your doors, you’ll invite guests to wipe their feet. This reduces the amount of pollutants that they will track in throughout your home.
  • Use natural scents – If you want to add an inviting scent to your home for guests, bake some cookies instead of using air fresheners or scented candles. Another option is to cook some natural and organic foods in a slow cooker or a crock pot to fill your home with a pleasant aroma.
  • Add plants – Plants not only add a beautiful element to your interior décor, they also help to combat indoor air pollution in a natural way. Many plants help to get rid of the toxins in your air.

These are a few tips for reducing allergens in your home that you should put to use this holiday season. In addition to reducing the allergens in your home’s air, be sure to get out of the house to breathe in clean air as well.

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