Turning Your Heat Back On, That Smell is Completely Normal

Your HAVAC systems are integral components of your home that you can’t do without. After all, they keep you comfortable in your home in any of the crazy seasons Georgia may throw at youThis is why it’s important to ensure that they don’t run into any problems. However, what should you do if you find that a burning scent is coming from your heating unit?  

Burning dust smell. This smell is a common occurrence when you turn on your heating unit for the first time in a while. If you haven’t used your HVAC unit for an extended period of time, dust and debris can gather on the heat exchanger, burner and other heating components. You might notice a smoky odor as they get burned off.  

Don’t worry, that smoky odor will go away once the dust and debris are gone. However, if the smell persists or if you feel unsafe, turn off your unit and contact your local HVAC expert so that they can take a closer look at the problem. 

We suggest having your ducts cleaned before turning your heat on for the first time. This process can often remove those dust and debris particles that will cause the odor and will improve your overall air quality for the upcoming season.  

Electrical burning smell. If you smell burnt wire, you might have a severe electrical problem in your HVAC unit. If you have a damaged or defective unit, this can lead to your blower motor overheating, which can result in the burning smell. This can also be caused by frayed electrical wiring or a damaged heat exchanger. Make sure that you shut off the unit and call a trusted HVAC company for assistance. 


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